Forwarding Control System

Forwarding Control System (F.C.S) is the key module of the Cloud SCM® platform. It operates as a real supply chain management system for international logistics flows. It acts on the upstream part of the supply chain by allowing interaction with the various operators and logistics stakeholders, both for export and import. This module makes it possible to federate the data flows and to bring visibility on the whole operation.

Forwarding Control System (FCS) is an innovative real-time management tool for international logistics flows. Its ability to aggregate numerous and heterogeneous informations into a single datawarehouse makes it a powerful tracking/tracing system, combining openness and automation of exchanges, the aim of which is to benefit as soon as possible of the necessary visibility to arbitrate and optimize transports to warehouses and end customers.

By alerting on possible delays or malfunctions, FCS acts as a veritable control tower for international physical and information flows. It structures the organization of the exchanges that take place between the various players in the supply chain. FCS is also presented as a tool for optimizing and streamlining company activity. Multimodal and collaborative, FCS is a powerful and accessible solution for companies carrying out import/export activities. Fully customizable according to the specificities of each activity, the FCS interfaces have been designed to simplify many tasks by automating them. Finally, its open design allows it to adapt to many forms of organization (centralised, fragmented, trough external trading partner, outsourced supplier management).

FCS Features :

  • Order Mangment and Administration
  • Vendor Managment
  • Quality control follow-up
  • CFS Container Stuffing Plan :
  • Pre-booking  …  Shipping
  • Track & trace
  • Arrival Follow-up … warehouse reception
  • Warehousing and distribution follow-up

A few screen shots of Forwarding Control System ?

Multimodal Arrival Schedule and Forecast

Actual Time of Arrival (Blue from Sea Carrier Conifrmation)

Shipment and Container Trackings (Satellite AIS)