International freight forwarding is often a balancing act between time, cost and environmental concerns.

Quot@Freight is an androrithmic software dedicated to forecasting the costs of logistics and transportation operations. Based on several forecast frameworks including different components and variants of costs such as the mode of transport, freight rates, customs, inland and outland services, routings…, the user can arbitrate between the different trials by constantly seeking the best price, time or carbon ratio.


Quot@Freight is a powerful expert system. This module of Cloud  SCM® is able to accurately forecast the various expense items related to transport and customs operations, from the simplest to the most elaborate. To do this, it has standard transport schemes (most often depending on the incoterm and the route) and tariff schedules for operators and subcontractors. Quot@Freight covers air, sea and road transport, both FCL (FTL) and LCL (LTL).

Quot@Freight makes it possible to calculate costs and prices according to different trade trials, based on the logistics and customs characteristics of each product. It gives an estimate of the complete cost to the warehouse split by  shipment and item (sku).


  • Quoting :  over 40 items of charges estimated (including custom duties and taxes evaluation),
  • Optimisation : forecasts based on multiple transport modes (Air-Sea-Road) and priorities between cost, time and environmental requirements,
  • Multi-Shipments  Trials calculation algorithm based on your negociated services price list.

Find below a few screen shots of Quot@Freight Software Service.

Quotation Results (4 shipments)

Multimodal CO2 Footprint