Road Tracing

Road Tracing is the module for monitoring road transport. It allows to measure the delays execution of the transport by offering complete visibility of the different stages: loading, cross- docking, customs clearance and reception.

Through its collaborative platform, Road Tracing collects all information relating to road logistics’ flows. As a monitoring and planning framework, it offers multiple functionalities adapted to each type of actor in the Supply-Chain. Road Tracing accurately measures lead times and transit times. The historization and the timestamps make it possible to detect new areas of performance with the subcontractors.

The EDM system allows to attach (in digital form) to each delivery transport all the documents relating to it (Invoices, Packing list, CMR, MRN) by making available according to the rights which will have been attributed to each of the subcontractors.

  • Visibility of inter-site road transports
  • Loading / Trans-shipment/Custom/Delivery
  • History of deliveries
  • Multi Origins/Truckers/Final Destinations
  • Multi-Shippers
  • EDM
  • Stats Analysis and Excel Reports